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Day Sailing Cruises in Athens

SEAthens Day Sailing Tours in Athens - By Sea & Land

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Our company, SEAthens, specializes in day sailing cruises in Athens, We are based at Alimos Marina, Kalamaki. Our fleet is composed of two 20m beautiful Greek built sailing yachts. Their fully cushioned and most comfortable teak decks offer our guests a most enjoyable and relaxing day at sea. Their capacity is 12 & 18 guests accordingly. Our Day Sailing Tours in Athens, are shared or private.

SEAthens Day Sailing Cruises & Activities >> Sail the Athenian Riviera
Athens is all about sun, sea, history, great food & friendly people. These are all the things you will experience on our Full Day Sailing Tours in Athens. You will explore beautiful historical destinations, savor typical traditional Greek food, Sail, Swim & Snorkel in the blue Aegean Sea. Join us for a day and capture every picturesque moment of the amazing land and seascapes our gorgeous city has to offer. Pick your tour from our list and experience an amazing all-inclusive day …

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Ημερήσιες Εκδρομές με Ιστιοπλοϊκό Σκάφος Αθήνα

Ημερήσιες Εκδρομές με Ιστιοπλοϊκό Σκάφος Αθήνα Είστε στην Αθήνα και σας έπιασε το καλοκαιράκι αλλά η άδεια σας, φαντάζει μακρινή ακόμη; γι αυτό υπάρχουν οι ημερήσιες εκδρομές με Ιστιοπλοϊκό Σκάφος Αθήνα. Κάντε μια ημερήσια εκδρομή με ιστιοπλοϊκό σκάφος και αλλάξτε παραστάσεις, μακριά από τις πολυσύχναστες παραλίες της Αττικής! Κολυμπήστε, χαλαρώστε, ακούστε μουσική, απολαύστε φαγητό και...
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Athens sunset cruises - SEAthens

Day sailing tours Athens – on your Bucket List?

  Day sailing tours Athens – SEAthens from a different perspective!   Day sailing tours Athens, offer you a unique experience to spend an all-inclusive day at sea and explore the Athenian Riviera. Our privately owned company operates two beautiful fully comfortable 60ft sailing yachts; S/Y AEGEO & S/Y COCONAUT. We are based at Alimos...
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Athens events & activities SEAthens

Events & Activities

Events & Activities Events & Activities features two sections our Celebrations & our Scuba Diving. Special Events On board our sailing yachts you can celebrate any special occasion.  Here at SEAthens we can help you plan a unique day at sea to celebrate a Birthday, a reunion, a wedding or a corporate event.  Offering you...
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SEAthens sunbathing

what to do in Athens for 2-3 days

a guest’s point of view … SEAthens! Wondering what to do in Athens for 2-3 days? day sailing cruises – yacht charter is a wonderful experience. Captain Aris and his crew are fantastically charming. First of all they are admirably warm and generous personalities. They make the day sailing cruises each one to remember. So...
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SEAthens day sailing cruises & activities

Athens Sailing

Athens Sailing Discover the beautiful Athenian coast  with SEAthens, Athens Sailing –  only a few minutes’ drive away from the city center! Book one of our day sailing cruises today and get ready to board a dream cruise. Observe from a boat view, the Athenian Riviera and discover the top summer destinations where Athenians enjoy holidaying....
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Day Sailing Tours in Athens

Things to do – Athens

One of the definite things to do in Athens is a day sailing cruise along the Athenian riviera. The beautiful Athenian coast stretches out from Kalamaki/Alimos Marina all the way to Cape Sounion/Poseidon’s Temple. Apart from this route being a beautiful car drive, the scenery and swimming spots by sailing boat are stunning. Things to...
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Athens sailing tours

Athens Airport, you are here!

As you set foot at Athens Airport, you already know it all sounds Greek to you! So «KALOS ILTHATE» (WELCOME). You begin to notice the loudness in pitch with which us Athenians communicate.  Although most people who visit Greece for the first time, believe everyone around them is arguing; rest assured that this is not...
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