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Athens Sailing


Discover the beautiful Athenian coast  with SEAthens, Athens Sailing –  only a few minutes’ drive away from the city center! Book one of our day sailing cruises today and get ready to board a dream cruise. Observe from a boat view, the Athenian Riviera and discover the top summer destinations where Athenians enjoy holidaying. Take in the great views of archaeological sightseeing including the Acropolis and dive into the crystal clear blue sea.


Our Yachts

Our sailing yachts measure 20 meters, (65feet) in length & 5.5meters (18feet) wide. Their drafts are between 2-2.9 meters long. Their beautiful teak decks are fully cushioned, offering our guests a relaxed and comfortable day’s sail. Large tables in their cockpit areas and shading bimini covers, provide ample space to pleasantly cater for large group of guests.  Below deck their kitchen & sitting areas are very spacious; 4 double cabins with their en-suite bathrooms are available for multi-day charters.  Our yachts carry all necessary safety equipment and fully comply with the Greek Maritime law.  Both on and below deck our sailing yachts are without doubt, the most spacious sailing yachts in their class.

Enjoy your sailing trip

Athens sailing offers you a relaxing day at sea. Make new friends from all over the world, with our shared cruises. Enjoy beautiful swimming stops with amazing views; accompanied by a delicious freshly cooked Greek light lunch. Our light lunch is freshly prepared on board for you and it is vegetarian friendly too. You will savor typical Greek delicacies with a stunning sea view. As quite a few of our guests have put it: «we are at a great Greek restaurant with the BEST view«.  Your lunch is accompanied with local Greek wine which is on us! Ya-mas! (cheers in Greek).

Our Athens Sailing cruises depart daily, and you may either join a shared cruise or book your own private cruise only for you & your friends/family.  We also arrange parties & celebrations for any occasion which are custom planned according to our guests preferences.


While sailing the Athenian Riviera we are able to enjoy stunning views of the Acropolis.  Acropolis is the historical monument of highest importance for us Athenians.  It is situated at the city’s center, only a few minutes’ drive away from the south coast of Athens. You can easily experience a day sailing cruise by joining us for the day on board our sailing yachts.

Look out for us at Alimos Marina, in front of the Skipper’s bar!

«Is it all Greek to you? What does Acropolis mean?»

The name Acropolis, comes from the two Greek words, Acron (tip/highest point) and Polis (city), the highest tip of the city is Acropolis. It is the symbol of democracy and Greek civilization. Built in 429 B.C. by Pericles (a great statesman and general of Athens in the Golden Age) for the goddess Athena. Every four years, the Athenians had a festival called the Panathenaea that rivalled the Olympic Games in popularity. During the festival, a procession travelled through the city via the Panathenaic Way and ended at the Acropolis.

Within the later tradition of Western Civilization the Acropolis, from the mid-18th century on, has often been referred to as a key symbol of the Greek legacy and glories of Classical Greece.

Athens sailing

According to Greek mythology, Athens was named after the rivalry between the goddess of wisdom Athena & god of the sea Poseidon.  During their rivalry on who would become patron of the city; it is said that Poseidon, hit a rock with his trident and offered a spring of sea water to the city. Athena, won the rivalry by touching a rock with her spear, on the holy grounds of the Acropolis and offering the olive tree.  Athens has since been known as the city of wisdom, a spiritual and cultural center worldly known.

Athens’ name was born, when the power of the sea met wisdom